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Slackday (sticky) written by swift, 2008-08-21 16:26 CEST (1 comments)

Okay, I'm gonna run a quick pickup tournament sometime in the next 14 days. For those that don't remember Slackday, here's how it works:
Individual players sign up for the tournament. Right before the tournament starts, these players are put into hopefully even teams, which will then compete against eachother in a regular tournament. With 4 or less teams, this would only be a group stage without playoffs. So that there'd be 3 Bo1 games for every team to play. With more teams, I'd hope to have 2 groups and an SE Bracket, or a simple double elimination tournament.

Date: Sunday, Aug 31st 2008.
Time: 18.00 CET
Check-in at 17.00-17.45
Duration: 1-3hrs
Format: 3on3
Mappool: wctf1, wctf3, wctf5 (others if both teams agree)
Choosing maps: cointoss, loser eliminates first, winner chooses final map.
IRC: #warsow.pickup

Individuals sign up here: http://slackday.tourney.cc/sign-up/ [slackday.tourney.cc]
Teams query me at IRC.
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